Selling my full kit:

  • Structure Sensor 3D Scanner ST01
  • Charger
  • Skanect PRO License
  • Windows Hacker Cable
  • 4Eyes 2.0 bracket with 3X resolution Thorlabs lenses.
  • iPad Air Bracket

All barely used in like-new condition.

Spent $646 on everything.
Looking for $450.00 +shipping

Located in Portland, OR

APPLE USERS: You will need to purchase the iPad cable ($35.00). This does not come with one. Everything you need for Windows use is included. Can be used on any windows PC, not just a tablet, but it makes it easier to move around.


A Skanect PRO unique license key and software download will be included. I have deactivated the software on my side so you will have the sole ownership of the license.
If you have any issues activating or using the software please let me know and I can walk you through the setup. In general this software is very easy to use and intuitive. The Skanect forums are also a great resource.

4EYES 3x Magnifier Kit

This is a third party add-on. It's a bracket with magnifier lenses that slip on the Structure Sensor like a pair of glasses. It increases the resolution of the scan by collecting 3x more points per given area.
Google "Structure Sensor 4Eyes" for more info on the Structure forums.

Currently on eBay here.