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    Weird Bumbs/Zits On All Prints

    I am brand new to 3D printing and my first 3d printer is the Tevo Nereus. Once it was all set up I used repetier host to print and cura engine to slice. Ever print has lots of bumps on the outside walls. I tried slicing with cura engine and saving the file to a micro sd to print from the printer and there were instantly no bumps. Does anyone know how I could fix this because I would rather use the program on the computer.
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    sounds like the usb connection is a bit slow.
    The ideal way IS to print from the sd card directly.

    That way, when the slicer or your computer crashes - the print doesn stop.

    For up to maybe half hour jobs, the usb is usually fine, but for everything else - use the card.

    It looks like the printer is pausing without retraction, while waiting for the next command to process.

    If, like me, you find the bloody stupidly tiny micro-sd cards a pita. Get one of these:
    I have them on both my printers that take micro sd cards :-)

    But basically it's a communications issue.
    do you by any chance have windows 10 ?

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    Thanks for the help that extension cable makes the sd cards more manageable. I do have Windows 10 by the way.

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    Consider printing from the sd card directly.
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