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    Cheap resin printer review - useful for anyone thinking about getting one.

    I actually watched the entire video - and that's really really rare for me and youtube videos.

    There are a lot of cheap led resin printers around now, I'm guessing most are similiar to this elegoo.

    Things I like about this video.
    1) he shows you the gloves, never used them lol
    2) covers everything from unboxing to bogging up the first print.
    3) He really doesn't know anything about the chemistry of resin printing.

    So If you're asking - how complicated is resin printing and can I do it? This video pretty much answers the question.

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    Nice review, I have really been enjoying my anycubic photon printer

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    Hahahaha enjoyed your review:-)

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    Given how the sales of the $249 Elegoo Mars has barely been able to keep up with demand over the past year, will there be a sub-forum available on 3DPrintBoard for the anti-Facebook crowd?

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    I think the first youtube comment is worth reiterating:
    "Very important, you must keep the resin off your skin, even in trace amounts. If you do get resin on your skin, immediately wash it off thoroughly using soap and water (NOT using isopropyl alcohol, as I had incorrectly originally written), and try to avoid UV light and sunlight for a few hours. From what I've read, there's this strange thing that happens where when UV resin cures inside your skin, it raises the flags of your immune system, and over time, your immune system becomes sensitized to UV resins. When this happens, you can end up with severe, nasty reactions to any contact with resins. Delay that sensitization as much as possible by always wearing gloves and never handling uncured parts with bare fingers. (Severe cringe when you talked about how they still felt "tacky". :-P)"

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    Tried hard to explain it.

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    Thanks for the reviews.

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    Thanks for share this topic!!

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    Much obliged to share this theme!!

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    That's a good review and introduction to benchtop SLA printing.

    You have to be willing to do some serious messing around with liquid chemicals.
    Getting them onto your skin is not recommended.

    I also have an Elegoo Mars, the original mars red version.. the quality is amazing and the printer is silent compared to FDM printers. But indeed, it takes a while to get things to print right.
    We also sell to customers now through Treatstock:

    This is a prototype for a piece of jewelry for a British customer in the football space.


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