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    FFCP Tool 1 Failure!

    So I've had my FFCP for several months now, and I've taken the extruders partially apart a few times to clear jams, etc. It is all stock, no mods, firmware is Sailfish. I print mostly with PETG at 240C and did just fine with the factory brass nozzles, but after several cleanings, my original nozzles became too damaged to use, so I purchased some stainless steel .5mm nozzles. I changed my settings for the slicer to accommodate the slightly larger nozzle (mainly just increasing the layer height) but I have yet to create a successful print with the new nozzles as each time I attempt a print, the machine preheats fine, but then gets started and very soon drops to 220C and gives me an error stating that there is a "Tool 1 Failure!" and that temperature has dropped below threshold, it then continues 'printing' a scrap part, with zero layer adhesion, and I have no way to cancel the print, cannot exit the error message. So my issue is twofold, how do I solve the extruder temperature drop, and how do I cancel a print after receiving an error message? Does the stainless nozzle dissipate heat faster than brass? I've tried disabling the part cooling fan in the slicer software, with no change, extruder still dies just minutes into the print. I can get it to finish a print successfully if I run my heat gun blowing into the enclosure with the door open, but I feel that is a poor solution, and only works to trick it into completing really, the parts still fail for various reasons, latest one the nozzle plugged at 85% complete) I've read about FF Dreamer model having issues where the wires to the extruder break... Next thing I am going to try is disconnecting the 6 pin plug on the extruder and applying some dielectric grease to the connector. My thought on the Dreamer (Maybe related to my issue) is why not eliminate the plug and solder the wires themselves together, maybe without any zip ties or other restrictions to allowing the wires to flex? Any other input into my problems would be greatly appreciated!

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    Well, just as an experiment, I removed the extruders from the carriage, and hung them over the top of the machine, near the door to the enclosure (with the enclosure top removed) and ran a test part program, just allowing the filament to extrude freely into a coil in front of the machine. It ran the entire program with zero issues. This confirms that it is in fact a wiring issue related to the movement of the print head. My assumption is that there is either a short in a wire, or the plug connector behind the extruder stepper motor has a poor connection. I smeared some dielectric grease on the plug, and I secured the wire loom to the filament feed tubes with zip ties. Will now run the same small test program to see how it does.

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