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    Replaced extruder/hotend - Reduced quality, shifting in layers?

    3dpUnlimited 1000
    V6 hotend
    0.6mm nozzle
    Matterhackers Pro PLA 3mm
    215C extrude temp
    70C Bed temp

    I was having issues with a clogging V6 hotend. I swapped over to my second extruder (same type) which has had almost zero use.

    I physically swapped the extruder assembly to the front.
    There is a big difference in print quality now. It looks as though there is slop in the lead screws but I find it hard to believe because the prints literally a day before were much better (and all the ones before that).

    Below are a couple of images before extruder change and after.
    The nozzle is the same. 0.6mm though.

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    Not sure what is the matter refer to you extruder block. Enclosed the steps picture to double check if anyone else has same Creality upgrade kit to finish mount work properly.

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    presumably this is an i3 of some description ?

    I have exactly the same issue. In my case it's because the extruder assembly on the x? (sideways) axis is not securely fixed to the guide rod bearings. So the whole extruder assembly actually rocks back and forth as it goes up and down.
    This looks identical to the prints I'm currently getting.

    Could you ave dislodged something while changing the extrduers ?

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    Ive checked the extruder and it is not loose.
    I swapped back the original nozzle and have the same effect.
    I have re calibrated the axis on the machine and re set the Z height to 0.2mm
    Also tried rotating the the print 45deg

    What I have noticed is that I need to back the Flow off to 70% on the first layer. Originally I would sometimes back it off to 90% (table changes after heat cycles and can be high on one side)

    I would like to run through developing print parameters (mainly flowrate)
    Do you have a good procedure or file to use to help develop?

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    Update on this.

    I solved it by running though a complete calibration and following the flowrate and stepover sample tests.

    Essentially the flow rate needed re calibrating and the stepover was too high. I think the original extruder was worn out but the settings had been tuned to suit. When I changed to a new extruder and nozzle I had to change it.

    I learnt a lot and the final prints are the best ive ever had now! Have run over 80lb of material with no failures!

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