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    JGAURORA A5S Seems Clogged

    Hi all!
    I am brand new to 3D printing and I recently purchased a new JGAURORA A5S. It was printing the sample included on the SD card just fine, until it got to about 5% of the way up and filament seemed to cease coming out of the nozzle. The printer was still moving as if it was still printing, just no filament was coming out, you can see that in the picture here (the image should be rotated clockwise, sorry about that):

    As you can see the extruder is still moving as if it has printed all the way up to that point (just no filament is exiting it). My first thought is that this is a clog in the extruder, as I no longer see the filament roll rotating anymore either. I am wondering if there is any specific guide in unclogging the JGAURORA A5S that you recommend for a complete beginner to follow, or what else you think is happening if you have experienced the same issue with this printer? Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

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    few things to check.

    first check that the filament spool itself has not jammed. Sometimes filament can tie itself onto the reel.

    Then heat the nozzle up and see if you can pull the filement out and puch it back in by hand.

    If you can pull it out - check for any flat spots on the removed filament where the extruder might have ground it flat.
    That's an indication that the problem is with the hotend and feed process.

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