Hello I am a student looking to 3D print a small bust I modelled, it stands roughly 16cm tall and is 13cm wide on both axis, I have tried numerous 3D printing services online and have been massively unpleasently surprised with the price estimates. All the peices of the bust have been hollowed out with a 0.5-1 cm wall thickness and plenty of drainage holes however the estimates I've gotten for resin printing have been landing between 200-1000 for just one of the five peices, I do realise that if I want to commit to the hobby in the future then I'll have to end up buying one although for my first 3D print I really want to get an idea of the quality given by a resin printer first hand.

The reason I'm printing in resin rather than plastic material like PLA which I did entertain is even when printing in PLA the estimates still got up to ?60 for one of the 5 peices and if I am going to spend ?300 on the final print or more, I want it to be as close to professional as possible. Please help I am willing to spend all the postage and material costs and anything else necessary. Thank you,.