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    Six things you need to know about SLA 3D printing technology

    SLA (Stereolithography) is the earliest rapid prototyping technology.
    2. Technical advantages of SLA
    Fine surface quality, high accuracy (25mm), higher resolution, forming method has nothing to do with the complexity of structure
    3. Application of SLA
    SLA is ideal for making medium and small parts, resin or other plastic products can be made directly. It is mainly used in the prototyping of conceptual models, or for simple assembly inspection and process planning. Since the forming method has nothing to do with the complexity of structure, Therefore, SLA is more suitable for some complex electronic products, such as computers and peripheral products, stereo, cameras, mobile phones, MP3, PDA, cameras and so on. And some household appliances with complex structure, such as electric iron, hair dryer, vacuum cleaner, etc.
    4. Post-processing
    After removing the untreated resin, the prototype should be fully post-cured. Because of the layered processing, there are stair-like lines on the surface of the model. Surface sandblasting can remove step lines and obtain better surface quality. The forming direction has a great influence on the stair-like lines and forming time. Usually, along the long axis, vertical forming takes longer time but has smaller step lines. Placing the prototype horizontally along the long axis will shorten the forming time, but the step lines will increase significantly. Spraying paint can make the parts more beautiful.
    5. Brace
    During the manufacturing, if the top of prototype is too weak, it is necessary to build a brace to support it. Using the software can do the structure, and it can help molding.
    6. characteristics
    1.high accuracy, it can produce products with accuracy up to <0.10mm.
    2.Molding with ease. It can form fine structure, buckle and decorative thread.
    3.High performance on post-processing. This is mainly because the hardness of photosensitive resin is not high, so it is easy to polish and modify, and the surface finish of the parts is good.
    4. The strength of the material is slightly worse than that of ABS, and it is not heat-resistant, so it is not suitable for functional testing parts under stress and heat.

    And now let me introduce you SEEWE, a SLA 3D printer supplier.We have cooperated with well-known universities such as Wenzhou University, Ningbo University Science and Technology College and Innovation Materials Joint R&D Center of Zhejiang University. With our experienced engineers and designers, we can offer you innovative solution and high quality service.

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    Do you provide a service for individual resin prints or only selling SLA printers?

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    Hi,we have printing service as well,please contact with and for more details!

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    And, just what is that supposed to mean?

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    SLA can produce parts with very high dimensional accuracy and with intricate details, its parts have a very smooth surface finish, making them ideal for visual prototypes.

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