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    I bought 4 Printers . Anet a8 is a printer for fiddler Dremel works , take out of the box and it works all the time UM2 the best which I ever had The best cheap printer is the anycubix Mega . Take out of the box tighten 4 screws thats all
    Just ordered a Prusa......

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    There are many good printers for beginner. Just choose one DIY FDM i3 with PLA filaments on Amazon or Aliexpress and wait for 2-5 days to get your first printing machine. Basic package is about $200. Maybe you could buy more materials at $300 in all.

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    Honestly, you will spend more on a cheap printer. Buy once, cry once. A lot of i3 clones are also dangerous with very sketchy electronics.

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    you are right . but I did not spoke of cheap printers
    I spoke e.g. of a ultimaker . you can by each part of a spare part separately this save resources

    makerbot does not save any resources because of not selling any spare parts separately.
    thats is a reason not to buy any further makerbot

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