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    Ctc dual, problems

    have the ctc dual, I am a total newbie to this
    Managed to download and convert to g code using slic3r, was quite impressed with test cube.
    had other files and decided to print more, selected on SD card, oops, I should have said I am printing via SD card, sorry.
    file selected, extruded and be to temperature, nothin more, got message on control panel, saying waiting for homing position, and filament missing
    i removed and replaced filament, did try in both extrudes, but nothing.
    reset printer to defaults, put in settings, nothing again
    have contacted ctc, did get a reply, they said, go to touch screen,and turn off break detection function, and set detection switch to off, I do not have or cannot find this, they also said, find the function of close the feeding error, I also cannot find this either

    please help

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    got a link to the printer. Ctc used to make a dual extruder, not available any more so i'm not sure exactly what machine and model you have.
    Looks like you have repetier firmware - so that's good :-)

    Also sounds like you have a filament sensor.

    Hmm, quick look on ebay - looks like they're making the replicator clones again.
    So is yours a 'bizer' model ?

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