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    Problem Printing TPU

    I have a Cocoon Create/Wanhow Duplicator i3 V2 printer and have printed a couple of small pieces of TPU before but now it prints the skirt and will not print any more.

    The TPU goes in but comes out continually and no filament goes in the nozzle. When I pull the feeder apart the TPU is squashed up where it goes past the feeder.Seems like the TPU is too soft.

    I did squash up a bit the plastic tube above the nozzle and rounded it as best I could. I have ordered another one but prints PLA and the four rounds of Skirt with TPU all right.

    Anyone help with this?

    EDIT:This time it was feeding earlier on when doing the skirt and the TPU was going through and kept feeding too much as in the photo.
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    I got a new PTFE tube and YAHOO I think all my problems are over.

    It is printing TPU properly now and I suspect all the others I had problems with will be fixed. There are the old tube and new one in the photo.

    The new PTFE tube has made a big difference. All good now.
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