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    Ender 3 first layer problems all of a sudden

    Hi all.

    I had previously been able to print really good prints (I thought so at least) but more importantly, a really good first layer. Nothing has really changed - but all of a sudden my first layer is crap. To the point that I get failed prints, even simple ones.
    Either I adjust the Z offset too high and the the print doesn't stick to the bed as the filament isn't squished onto the bed, or if I get it to squish just a little bit, I end up with these weird 'blobs' and the first layer looks like a dogs breakfast. Have tried multiple increments in-between each.

    I have done the following to try and fix it:
    Changed/replaced nozzle

    Snipped off a small piece of bowden so there's a fresh piece touching the nozzle (using capricon PTFE)

    Checked all axis' and their concentric nuts - everything tight and moving well.
    Cleaned bed with acetone and even tried hair spray (never had to before!)

    I have changed filament ? same result.
    Oddly enough, when the filament is laid down over the 'Creality' lettering on the bed, it's like it's magnetically repelled as it immediately lifts after the nozzle moves away from it.

    Ender 3 printer
    OEM Creality glass bed
    MKS Gen L and TMC2208 drivers

    Profile settings:

    PLA+ filament
    215C hotend
    Tried 40-70C bed
    0.2mm Layer height
    42mm/s print speed

    Previously never had any issues. I had been able to produce a VERY nice first layer with good squish and adhesion where the prints would stick like glue until the glass bed would good and they would slide right off.

    Maybe the acetone has left a weird residue? I might try and get some IPA perhaps?

    Please help!



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    Might be issues with your BL touch probe? Or glass bed is warped at this place

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