Hello! I am a student who works with Zbrush whos working on a sculpt which will hopefully get turned into a personal figure of close to professional standard. I have done a lot of research into this process and since my budget is limited I want to get this right on my first go with hopefully just one test if possible.
So here is the current process I hope to use and questions concerning the process:
Finish sculpt and make it print ready (hollowed and split up with gaps in bottom), send to either imaterialise or digits to widgets for a SLA grey resin print which when put together I hope to be full 30cm3 statue, Once it comes back I will remove all supports and submerge all peices in strong alchol to remove excess resin (I dont know weather the UV light step is then necessary since it will have made the journey back from the manafacturer), once it looks like all excess is gone I hope that the method and material will mean there will be no layering and therefore no need for sanding. then apply primer to the full model (Dont know what type or how many coats) then move onto painting (I dont know weather this comes after the priming or weather another primer coat is necassary is after the paint job), once all peices are either airbrushed or hand painted I will super glue the peices together and done?

Please if you know anything that I should know when trying this process please let me know also is grey resin a bad choice for material? I do want to use resin because the layers are practically invisible and the extremely high degree of accuracy. Also its what all the figures that I hope to acheive a similar quality use.

Thank you any help is thoroughly appreciated!