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Thread: Lifting corners

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    Angry Lifting corners

    Hi Guys

    Sorry for raising a common problem.

    I browsed the entire internet and can't find the answer

    Im printing a box on a Creator pro

    Corners are lifting whatever I do

    The most popular advises are

    1. Use heated build plate - Heated
    2. Level the build plate - its levelled perfectly. It sticks. First layer is great. Wrapping starts after 20th layer. Before it looks ideal.
    3. Reduce infill - 15%
    4. Avoid ABS - tried PETG. Bit better but still bad.
    5. Use cover - done
    6. Incorrect temperature - tried the full range of temps for ABS and PETG - no difference.

    Any reasonable suggestions except using a brim Oklahoma-wide and nail it to the build plate please?

    Many thanks

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    That how bad is it
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    Have you tired a skirt with about 7 outlines a 2 layers .03 from the part?

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    You can try to use PrintaFix. Non of my prints are lifting.
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    First, make sure you have a clean print surface use some isopropyl alcohol and wipe it down. You can also pull the print bed out and wash it in some warm soapy water, just make sure you don’t touch it with your greasy finger prints.
    If this still doesn’t work, apply some hair spray to the build plate while cool, not much just a lite layer. This will not only help the print stick to the plate, but will act as a buffer for other materials that have a tendency to stick TOO well like PETG

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