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    Hey , thats weird. Im having the same issue with my printer today :/

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    The firmware swap to Sailfish really helped speed up the printer. It is working way better now.

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    never used standard settings.
    Always picked my own print resolution, speed, temps etc.

    The standard ones tend to be ridiculously conservative.

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    Yeah that is what I am quickly realizing. Since swapping to sailfish it is much better, but it won't read the .gcode file format as put out by slic3r, and I can't seem to get it to save as .x3g like Flashprint. But even with just using FP, I go into the advanced setup and change almost everything, its the only way to get even the most basic PETG print to come out functional, as FP apparently has no standard information for PETG, kinda surprised me. I just start with the 'standard' settings for PLA and then change temp to 240-245, and increase the retract distance and speed drastically. Seems to work decent as long as the PETG hasn't been sitting out in the air for long. Have a large part in PETG coming up in a few days so should be fun.

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