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    Quality control of prints

    How do you automatically control the quality of your 3d prints? The question is mostly about Software. We print big series of same parts in a row and need to automatically or semi automatically control prints quallity. We print from cad files we make in Solidworks, and also we are going to buy Artec Micro, which we will use to scan items to replicate them. I came up with Idea to use it for quallity control. It can scan fully automated. But I'm not sure which software can be used to compare two 3d models. It has to be able to work with both CAD and 3d scans (mesh) models.

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    Wow - looking at the specifications, you might be better off with the scan-in-a-box fx:
    same sort of specifications, but much much much cheaper. Actually it has a higher resolution scan for small items. 0.065 mm versus the artec mini 0.1mm
    like 24,000 euros cheaper :-)
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