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    Beginner looking for for help


    I am wanting to learn how to 3D scan and print items.

    As a complete newbie to the 3d printing world, I was hoping some of you who didn't learn this within structured education/ work would be able to assist.

    I am happy to do loads of reading, but at the moment I am finding that I am boggled by all the options and often the terms used for scanners/ printers/ software etc.

    Is there a particular forum that someone found really helpful as a 1st read when they began on their 3D printing journey? Something that starts by explaining all of the basics and terms used before moving on to the finer details?

    Maybe there was a book that you read? Or perhaps an open university course or online course you had taken to get to grips with the basics?

    Any help is appreciated.

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    well scanning is bloody expensive and the cheap scanners pretty much don't work.

    The cheapest option that's worth doing at the moment is an app on the new iphones.

    You're much better of learning how to design an item from scratch and how to reverse engineer using digital calipers.

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    Thanks for the response curious aardvark.

    Yes from what I have been reading; I am starting to realise that the general consensus is what you are saying in terms of cheap scanners.

    In terms of the iphone- are you talking about the Occipital?

    I hear what you are saying in terms of cost hence the reason I want to try and learn more about the devices and find out if they will be suitable for what I want them to do, before actually taking the plunge and purchasing the kit.

    In addition to this, I don't have a background in CAD or any form of design, so I am looking to try and learn whether it is something I will have the skill to be able to do.

    Is there any workshops or course's anyone can recommend in the U.K?

    Has anyone tried this course?

    Any other recommendations?

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    try openscad
    it works totally differently to any other cad program.
    lots of information and tutorials around.

    your link just looks like the sort of thing a basic websearch will turn up - or reading this forum :-)
    It also mentions nothing about designing - just 3d printing. And to be honest until you've got a printer - none of that will make a lot of sense anyway.
    And once you've got one - then this forum is your best help.

    I started by reading a very good book:
    Now to be honest, it is a few years out of date now. But printers haven't changed that much - about the only thintg it doesn't cover is firmware. And to be honest I believe people worry too much and mess with firmware too mugh. All 5 of my current printers are still on the factory original firmware - and I've never had an issue with any of them. And they do all have different firmwares.

    The book covers the basics for just about everything from printing & slicing to designing with various free packages - including openscad. Though to be honest he does kind of leap into openscad at a fairly high experience level. So that didn't help me much that way.
    It is pre-simplify3d.
    I'm surprised he hasn't released a revised edition.
    You can have mine for a ?5 & postage :-)

    where abouts in the uk are you ?
    I'm smack in the middle near burton on trent - if that helps.
    Happy to structure a course for you, I'm good value for money :-)

    And hands on with actual printers and software is worth a lot more than a few articles online.
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