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    Cable Wall Box

    Hello everyone,,
    Saw this a few years ago - you can run your wires from your TV to your cable box in your walls so your TV doesn't have a ton of wires running from it. You just cut two holes in your drywall (one behind the TV and one behind your cable boxes) and run the wires between. You really could do this without the 3D printed part, but it looks much cleaner when you have it.
    Just be careful cutting into walls and make sure you don't have a horizontal stud in between the wholes.
    This is my first design/post so forgive any issues. And I'm happy to answer any questions and post the installation album if anyone wants..
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    there's no picture or link to your box.

    As most houses in the uk don't have drywall - I'm curious to see what this looks like :-)

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