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    Extruder fan will not start spinning

    Hi!I have an Anet A8 printer, but the electronics board have failed. So I replaced it with mks gen L V1.0. I loaded Marlin onto my board, but I have an issue. The extruder fan will not start automatically. If I go to the menu and start the fan manually, it works as it is supposed to, but when I start a print, or preheat the nozzle, the fan will not start. Is there a config in Marlin that I am missing? Or some settings in slicer? (I am using vanilla Cura 3.0.4). I put my Marlin configuration.h on pastebin /xqfeksNK (cannot post links yet) - I can post more files if necesary.Thanks for all the advice.

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    Will post the link for you.

    Wish I had an answer though do not know...

    I do know that on my machine I have to start the fan above about 42% fan speed or about 100/256 then lower it as the fan will not start spinning if slower.
    Though after it has started I can adjust it to be slowed down an continue to run.

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