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    missing lines, globs, bad exterior

    Hello, My Wanhao/monoprice IIIP printer is a couple years old and all of a sudden I started having issues getting good prints. I have found a host of problems, including:*Extruder gear flattened - moved it for a bite on unused area*Hot end Heat sink fan not turning - replaced.*Wavering temperature - did PID auto tune.*burnt/shrinking hotend Teflon inner tube - replacedpicture of the printing I am getting at the moment on first layers. Also, a picture of a print that was run out. I am using PLA+ and am printing at 240-250. I know you would say that is way too high, my before my current issues this is the temperature that was generating good prints. When I first got the printer I was at 225-230 and over the 2 years it has crept up. I also have tried replacing the thermocouple, but did not help.Any insight, help, or suggestions are appreciated. Pulling my hair out at the moment.
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