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    Ender 3 with BLTouch - No bed adhesion

    I'm at my wits end with this printer. Any help will be appreciated:

    Creality Ender 3
    Glass bed (normal glass cut from a hardware store to fit size)
    BLTouch fitted with all the firmware goodies done and working.

    I have calibrated the printer maybe 10 times now. Either by adjusting baby-steps on a live run, OR manually through using M851, setting offset to 0 then auto-leveling, setting Z to 0 again and moving 0.1mm until a piece of A4 paper is gripped by the end and can't move. I then stored that setting (Z-1.5) in the Eprom.

    However no matter what I do, my prints DO NOT adhere to the bed. I'm printing with PLA at 220C, i've tried 210 and 200C.

    No matter what i do first - either a full print, or skirt or brim as soon as it lays down a line and turns direction it just drags the previous one with it and makes spaghetti.

    I've put hairspray on the glass and tried cleaning with alcohol too and both - no effect. I've tried printing all the way down to 10mm/s - still no adhesion. My cooling fan is on 100%, ive tried with it off or 50% no change.

    My Cura settings are as in the attached images...

    Any ideas at this stage will be most welcome...

    Screenshot 2019-05-17 12.44.15.jpgScreenshot 2019-05-17 12.44.07.jpgScreenshot 2019-05-17 12.43.55.jpg

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    your z-offset is okay?

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    I had terrible issues lately with my Z-Offset and my BLTouch. I spent almost 4 full days and nights adjusting and trying to get it right. I'd get it right for one print. Then the next print the nozzle would either be miles away so the molten filament wouldn't have a hope in hell of sticking to the bed, or it would squish down so much that no filament could even be extruded.

    The best I've been able to manage to date is, after the heat up and bed levelling, I make sure I have a skirt of 4 or 5 lines thick and during that time I manually adjust the Z-Offset using the control knob on the printer. By the time the 4 or 5 lines of skirt are done, the filament is being laid down perfect.

    Even saving my Z-Offset from that print using the 'store settings' option, the next print it will be way to high or low and I'll have to do the above steps again.

    Doing my head in.
    Let me know if you have any luck or ideas.

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    Try increasing your flow. I just got mine today - had problems (not much in starter instructions) but I guessed and it's printing something nicely now.
    My question is what setting is considered speed for HQ and what is considered fast?

    I had same problem as you and I increased flow and temp to 220 and started to work. It made a somewhat nasty bed ? which I now see is like a base to stick it down?
    now it's doing the test dog on the SD card. I like that I can up the speed... I had it set for 10 (speed) for quality? but I have no time to wait for a test/dog so I upped it to about 80 to get it done. It's looking good. It's my first - I had no clue about 3D printers before it arrived today.

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