I have decided to build the V1 Engineering Piper.
Starting with a 36" square Wood base, to make room for a 34.4 inch X 34.4 inch Piper frame allowing for a print area of 4 cubic ft.

Largest 3D Print in ABS looks promising, with ABS shrinkage the ID for the Feet is 23.37 the conduit measurement is 23.5.
This means that very little finish work will need to be done in order to assemble the Piper 3D Printer.

I setup the Printer nozzle to 228C with a bed temperature of 98C, first layer print speed 40 all remaining layers 76 percent.
This calculates to 8.5mm^3 per secound.

Room temp 72.7
Heated enclosure left side 32C
Heated enclosure Right Side 28C
Enclosure Vent Fans speed 70%

I have noted a distinctive difference between the SD card Print and the OctoLapse Print textures.

Time-lapse video

Noted: in the Photos above the model on right was printed with the SD Card While Model on the left within OctoPrint's Octolapse.
You will note a distinct texture difference. Will print another model using same ABS filament with SD card to verify if smoothness returns.