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    Marlin Update Help!

    I have been trying to connect my Anet A8 that i just got, to my computer to flash Marlin. Only problem is i can not get my Arduino IDE to Upload without timing out. Now i went into device manager and It's giving me the yellow indication next to the USB Port not the Serial Port. I can not get it to recognize the printer as a serial Port. I have tried 3 different USB Cables and yes they have data not just power. I have tried switching COM ports in IDE and that still times out. I have also tried USB Selective suspend setting in power options and nothing. I have also tried changing Fast Startup and nothing happens. When i connect the USB cable to my computer it gives a little ding(connected noise) but that's it. still yellow indication on device manager. Also my COM ports are indicating Standard Serial Over Bluetooth Link. I am also getting no blinking lights on my printer. I don't know what else to do. HELP lol.

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    Ok upload your entire Marlin Firmware to a share like Google Drive.

    Post a link Here will take a look for you. "it appear you have a error in your firmware."

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