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    How do you get a proper level

    I recently started doing a manual level on my printer (which still is not printing right). I do think it has to do with the level. I adjusted it where I thought it was perfect. I used the provided scratch paper and it states the nozzle needs to have slight friction on the paper. Well it does have slight on the paper. So I thought I was good. Then I printed and it was a mess. It looked at though the nozzle was just rubbing what it had just printed and basically ripping it off the build platform. Is there something I am missing here?

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    This is a printer specific question as what works for my printer will not work for yours. From your description it is not the bed level but the starting height that need to be addressed. Yes the level can affect the starting height but you have to have start starting height correct in the center of the bed first

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    A jerk is basically the slew-rate of acceleration, so a very easy way to get the jerk value is by mounting an appropriate MEMS accelerometers chip to the print-head (and or print-bed, depending on what is moving). Getting the jerk value is then a matter of reading it out (over I2C, SPI or whatever) and then discretely differentiating the acceleration values. When measuring position instead of acceleration (e.g. with encoder discs) one needs to differentiate trice

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    you need to level the printer with - at least - the nozzle heated to printing temp. If using abs or something else that needsa very hot bed - then have the bed heated as well when you level.

    Metal expands when hot, so that needs to be accounted for during the levelling process.

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