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    Quote Originally Posted by liqwidsilver View Post
    I have about had it with my basically new Qidi X-plus printer. I have tried so many various settings and really cannot get anything even remotely detailed to print correctly. Now I can't even get a basic keychain to print. My last print ended up in a ball around the nozzle. I even leveled it prior to and it was fine. Now I tried running it again after another level and the image shows what happened there. I am using Hatchbox PLA filament.

    Here are my temp settings: Temp= 190c initial platform temp=75c and then platform temp=65c.

    I have ranged with this setting quite a bit and nothing seems to really work. I would really love to trust my printer to do more detailed prints, but if I can't even get a 30 minute keychain to print there is no way it will print a 10 hour or longer design.

    Can anyone please help me here??
    I think throwing such an expensive printer out the window is not the best idea.

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    remove filament from printer and wipe the nozzle when you level.
    even the smallest amount of filament left at the tip of the nozzle will give you a false level.

    You have to remember that we are dealing with layer sizes as thin as five 100ths of a millimetre. ANYTHING between the nozzle tip and the paper will make a difference.

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    Have you found the secret setting of 3D Printing the smaller more detailed models.

    If No then Continue.

    In my printing of PLA it likes to be printed between 192-202C with a Bed temp of 40-60C.
    Depending on your 3D Printer the start speed can be a 30-50% as compared to the 100% set in the slicer as full speed.
    After the first layer has printed you can increase the print speed. I can print from 72-86% near perfect Models quite easily though have printed faster with a few Print flaws.

    I have in the forums uploaded my Cura's profiles they include Cura 15.04.6 - Cura 4. An have used other slicers thou continue using my trusty Cura slicers.

    Again here are my Cura Profiles
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    I run 210 on my nozzel and 60 on my bed for hatchbox pla. You may have a bad slicer

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    If the filament is curling around your nozzle then it is a sign that your z-height is too high.

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