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    Unhappy Thin wall without infill - problem

    Hello all,

    I try to print RC plane from thingiverse called GASB One.

    To achieve low weight, I need to print some parts with single perimeter and without infill, but my print is warped (see attached pic)... It not has nice airfoil. If I use high volume infill, it can help, but it will be to heavy. So my question is, how to fix it?

    I use home-made prusa mk2 clone and Slic3r... I tried print with PLA, PLA+ and PETG with same result. I use bed heat and fan on extruder. My print speed is 60mm/s, but I tried also 30mm/s with same result.

    Thanks for every advice.

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    I do not understand I have printed a single walled using " spiralize the outer contour " for My light Globes and have never had a problem.

    Printed without enclosure

    Globe 1.jpg
    Print is not a perfect circle made with TinkerCad

    My settings are under the normal printing settings to keep the model as cool as possible. I print with a parts cooling fan at about 42% using PLA.

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    Make a cover for your machine and rise up temprerature inside. Not easy solution but will help.

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    thanks for your reply. You dont have a problem maybe because your object is small and dont have huge straight wall...

    Thanks for your advice, I will try it. I hope, it will help

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