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    Prusa i3 MK2S or Fusion3 F400S 3D printer?

    Hi All,

    So I'm looking to buy my first (technically second but we don't talk about Zeepro) printer. I was waiting for my tax return to buy a prusa i3 MK2s kit but my work is auctioning off one of their printers, a Fusion3 F400S 3D FFF.(2016) I can get either one for ~ $700

    I plan on printing replica items from games (guns from Destiny to be specific) and cosplay pieces. Most of my prints will be files I get offline but will make some of my as as I have mild modeling experience. Any advice to which printer would be better would be great. I know the Prusa has a great rep but the Fusion3 was originally $4000 back in 2016! I am worried about the difficulty of the Fusion since it's a professional level machine.

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    read this:

    As long as the fusion is in full working order AND you get simplify3d with it (it comes with it) and you can knock the price down a bit - it's 3 years old after all.
    I'd go for that.
    larger print volume, wifi, auto levelling, surprisingly fast.

    It all boils down to what condition the fusion is in and how much use it's had.
    On the whole - conditional on condition and getting simplify3d - I'd go for the fusion.

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