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    Anybody Here Good With The Linux ?

    So i have a pi. Or a few pi's. A few years back i bought 12 or more pi's and set them up with retro pi and controllers and gave them out as Christmas gifts. So i am not dumb to what a pi is or how to use it. I just rely heavily on youtube tutorials because i am a mechanic and not a programmer. I now am playing with octoprint and have sucessfully installed it on a pi with 5v relay for printer power control and a 8mp pi camera. I have all of these things up and working nicely. I just want to install this 3.5" touchscreen I got from ebay. This touch screen right here:

    And to install it I am following this awesome tutorial:

    The tutorial shows typing in a command to make the pi go to a website and download a driver. The ebay ad does not come with the same style link for me to copy and paste. I can goto a website on my pc and download the link and have it in a zipped file But I am at a complete loss for how to get this touchscreen to work with my pi. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    have you looked at the octprint website.. I can't help, I took the easy way out and used a monitor keyboard and mouse with the pi 3B+

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    ebay ad has commands that can be copied and pasted.
    But don't understand what it says about the actual driver - it's those chinese to albanian to swiss to english translations ;-)
    set a pi up recently with puty - worked pretty well.

    The odd thing is that it says it uses the hdmi connection. So why does it need a driver ?
    Touch screen driver ! got ya.

    He gets the driver from github. just pause the video and type in the same commands he does.

    Old school - actual typing stuff in rather than just copy and paste. It's all there :-)

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    typing a how-to rather than a video.. what an ancient but much more effective manner of communication technical data.. :-)

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    If you have the file, the instructions are on the ebay page.

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