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    Question Creality Ender 3, prints suddenly total mess

    Hello friends of the 3D printing world,

    for three weeks i'm now a proud owner of the Creality Ender 3 and after taking my time and setting it up and tuning it for a week i started my first project (Thingiverse "Wearable Infinity Gauntlet by MonsterMovieProps). The arm parts, palm and fingers went great and i'm super happy with the result.
    but when i started printing the pinky finger it started to get messy. at first the print stopped after the second layer, so i just cleaned the SD card, ran the model again through the slicer and started it again over night. next morning the print was a mess. so i changed some settings (lower nozzle temp, lower bed temp, lower printing speed, more retraction and later less retraction) but the prints kept coming out the same. i checked the printers frame and tightened some screws, too, i went through all the suggestions (or i think it was alle of them) i could find. But today the print came out exactly like before.
    After 1.5 weeks of good quality prints it just started to act up.

    I have some photos too and the g-code if this helps.
    If someone can push me in the right direction why this is suddenly happening i'd be super grateful. I'm still hoping to get the gauntlet done until tuesday for the Avengers premiere.

    Kindest regards,

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    I looked at your Sliced model using idealMaker by Rasie3D Image below.


    Then I download the Models from Thingiverse an re-sliced saved the model G-Code.
    Viewed model using idealMaker by Rasie3D Image below.


    As you can see your model top was somehow sliced wrong, causing the stringing.
    Your sliced model should look more like the model on the bottom that I had sliced.
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    Hello Roberts_Clif,

    thank you very much for your input and your time.
    it's very weird that it sliced it like that, since i ran the model three times through cura with different settings.
    I will try it again with more "conservative" settings and hopefully it comes out the right way.

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