Many, many objects that are sold as "3D illusion lamps" are really nothing of the kind. Most of those are just flat light-up line 2D drawings.An acrylic or glass plate that has a light source at its edge will keep that light inside the plate until the light comes to scratch in the plate or to another edge. At the scratch some of the light will shine out of the plate. Take a transparent plate. Etch a line drawing on it. Shine a light into the plate from the edge. Observe the line drawing shine dramatically. Nothing 3D about it, just a 2D line drawing that shines.There are real 3D illusion lamps. They usually have a line or a grid of LEDs that is whirled around and around; the flickering of various LEDs is carefully synchronised with the whirling so that at each point where an illusion of an object is needed, the LED at that point will very briefly be on. Some are made with a deflector plate that reflects a stationary grid or line of LEDs, but the basic principle is the same.Most "3D illusion lamps" provide no 3D and no illusion.ANDHow does a 3D lamp work?_____________________________________________ __________Source: