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    3d printer under $500

    Hey everyone, this is Bill. I am new to here, this is my first post. What is best 3d printer under $500 on the market now?

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    flashforge adventurer3/monoprice voxel is up there.
    all the rebadged wanhao I3 creator plusses
    looks pretty good.

    cool looking delta:

    Bunch of small resin machines now under $500 as well.

    It pretty much depends, what you want to make really

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    I have the anet a8 Its pretty decent

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    its about $200 us

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    The print quality is very good for the price, you can buy it at gearbest

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    tevo tornado great machine i have used over 20 different kinds and this is so far our go to

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    I have both an creality ender 3 and an xyz miniMaker. Both are nice printers and both can be had for around $200. The ender 3 is open and can run any firmware and software you want, while the miniMaker is closed. If I had to choose between them I would say the miniMaker is for people who want to print without fuss, while the ender 3 is for people who want to tinker.

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    I've a Dremel 3D20, so far so good, but needs a little bit of tweaking here and there!

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    me also I have a dremel 3d20 , take it out of the box and the printer works all the time

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