I am a fashion designer and it is a small business. I have retailers in my town and the nearby towns. It was started as a small business with just 10 people. Now it has grown remarkably to about 50 human resources. I have even started designing clothes for some of the major brands in Canada. We even got the opportunity to design for a Hollywood film. We have even started an online shopping portal where we display most of the products. But it hasn?t reached the general public and doesn?t have a large audience. Our company has been participating in various fashion shows across the country, displaying our latest designs and that is how we got various opportunities. An international fashion expo that is being scheduled in Canada. A lot of designers are going to exhibit there. We have managed a booth for ourselves there. I was thinking of having a trade show display in which I can showcase all the clothes and give a description of our company. I have already hired a trade show display company in Toronto for the job. Could you guys provide me suggestions for making it more impressive? Any help would be appreciated.