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    Making side money or full time 3d printing?

    I am new to the world of 3d printing, still searching for my first 3d printer even. I am looking into getting one to help building some specific things for my wood shop. However, I figured if I was doing that I could maybe figure out a way to make the machine and material pay for itself. Not looking to retire and become a 3d printing company though, but a small Etsy shop or something along those lines wouldnt be bad.

    So I was curious from the people who are making money off this, what are you selling? A little bit of everything? Niche things? etc etc.


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    personally I'd say it's damn near impossible to make money from an fdm 3d printer.
    You need either to be a marketing genius or come up with a specific niche design that nobody else has.
    Or be really artistic and make cosplay gear.

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    Making money implies that the cost of the facility cost (rent), design time, equipment, power used, material used, your set up time, machine run time, post print clean up time, packing and shipping time, customer communication time etc etc, are all covered, plus another 40% profit on top of that for each item you make..
    You may get paid something for items you make but never "Make money" especially if you are just a hobby user with one machine. It is like art work.. you can paint very nice pictures that take you days to finish but people only want to spend $20 on them...

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