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    New Member + E-step question.

    Hi guys! Slobnoxious here! But you can call me Slob, or whatever the hell else floats your boat.

    Picked up an Ender 3 last week and have a blast trying to dial it in. Finishing up my CADD degree in May and wanted to be able to start printing some of the models I am doing for class (Inventor and Solidworks).

    I had been having a real hard time with my print quality. After doing some research, I concluded that I had a fairly substantial under-extrusion problem.

    From the factory, my E-step was set at 93. After inputting a 100 mm advance in the control, the actual filament advance was only 40 mm.

    I set the E-step to 232.5 and did another advance and it was now actually 100 mm.

    I have started a new print of that X-Y-Z calibration cube and so far it looks fantastic.

    My question, I guess, this extensive of a change out of the ordinary or fairly typical?

    FYI: I checked the extruder for slippage and saw none.

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    Have not been 3D Printing long enough to determine what would be ordinary.

    I did receive kit including a factory flashed controller that the E-Stepper turned backwards.
    Did not know how to fix without firmware changes other that reverse the cables.
    Did not realize until purchasing the 2nd 3D Printer that the original cable was wired incorrectly.

    I just helped a 3D Printer user fix his firmware from a direct download from Manufactures web site.
    The first download was for his 3D Printer was a hex file, an the extruder E0 & E1 pin codes were swapped.
    An his setup for the wrong Z- steps needed to change from 400 to 2560. We download the second firmware a Marlin source for his 3D Printer.
    An the an extruder E0 & E1 pin codes were swapped. so he is now using the E0 zero thermister with the E1 extruder stepper motor.
    I found the correction to change them to there correct state today and posted the fix.

    Do not know if he will change though he has the fix and knows how to flash the fix...

    Oh!!! I guess do know the answer

    This would be a big O YES!!! this is ordinary for some manufactures of 3D Printers.
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    Hello All, I'm Orchard House, new here from the UK. Thanks for sharing this Because I don't have any knowledge about it. Looking forward to this group.


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