Hi guys! Slobnoxious here! But you can call me Slob, or whatever the hell else floats your boat.

Picked up an Ender 3 last week and have a blast trying to dial it in. Finishing up my CADD degree in May and wanted to be able to start printing some of the models I am doing for class (Inventor and Solidworks).

I had been having a real hard time with my print quality. After doing some research, I concluded that I had a fairly substantial under-extrusion problem.

From the factory, my E-step was set at 93. After inputting a 100 mm advance in the control, the actual filament advance was only 40 mm.

I set the E-step to 232.5 and did another advance and it was now actually 100 mm.

I have started a new print of that X-Y-Z calibration cube and so far it looks fantastic.

My question, I guess, is....is this extensive of a change out of the ordinary or fairly typical?

FYI: I checked the extruder for slippage and saw none.