Hey everyone, New to the forum and 3D Printing. I just got my Adventurer 3 a couple days ago. Set it up and loaded the sample roll of transparent red that was provided. The Feeder mechanism is popping/clicking when trying to pull in the PLA and pretty badly/consistently. I printed a few things with the red and they all turned out fine but the popping is worrying me.

I also have a roll of Amazon's Clear Transparent and it does the same. I made sure the feeder wheels were clean and also when swapping out the filament I ran the cleaner tool through the top of the machine as their video says to do and still not luck.

Printing at the recommend settings (low) for PLA in FlashPrint

I couldn't find anything on adjusting the feeder tension in the guide or online for this model so I didn't want to tinker around until I knew what I was doing.

Any help would be appreciated