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    Ender 3 Benchy test with PET-G

    Hi all,
    I have an Ender 3 and I think I have my settings dialed in, but have some issues I don't know how to fix.
    E-Steps have been calibrated.
    Speed 50mm/s
    Temp 240C and 70C
    Retraction 6mm and 40mm/s

    There is a small 'blob' on the front left corner (pic 1)
    There are some weird 'blobs' on the front deck (pic 2 & 3)
    There are some strange markings on the back right side quarter (pic 4)
    Appears to be evidence of something like elephant foot on the corners of the rear boxes behind the main pilot house (pic 5)
    The rear deck has a similar issue to the front with blobs (pic 6)
    The writing on the bottom is 'messy' (pic 7)
    The sides of the pilot house, and the sides of the roof, is this salmon skinning? (pic 8)

    Please and thanks

    *edit: Just realised that I can't attach all 8 pics. Second post will have the remaining 3



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    Pics 6, 7 & 8



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    Maybe it's just me but I think half the users of any FDM printer would be jealous of the overall quality of that print

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    For PETG that does not look bad, but I don't use those boats to test how my printer prints..
    Never got anything form doing them.. best thing is to print what you plan to print and figure out what needs to be adjusted to make it perfect.

    Every model is slightly different and will need slightly different settings. Same model different roll of same material could need some things tweaked.. benchy to me is a wast of good plastic.

    The only calibration parts I print are ones I have made.. 2 walled squares of different extrusion widths and different heights for different layer thicknesses.

    These are used to set starting height and extrusion multiplier. The other is a square that is a flat square one that is .4mm tall and one that is .6mm tall this let me print 2 layers to verify extrusion multiplayer (no spaces between threads as well as adhesion , bend and twist it to see if it delaminates.

    As far as you benchy, looks better than most I have seen posted.. especially with PETG which I would not use for that type of model .. ever.. not a good material for detail.. Great for brackets and hangers and other mechanical parts.

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    This is an example of a benign print in Amazon branded Pet-G black.


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    have to admit, for pet-g, that's an excellent print.

    I'm with airscapes, just make something useful. I swear the world will come to an end when the massive piles of discarded benchies topple over and smother civilisation :-)

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    No arguments from me on either front

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