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    Just a cheap newbie looking for help, Cocoon Create Model: HE170703

    very new to 3d printing, just picked this thing up over a year ago, printed a few things everything great, then had it in storage for a while. now bringing it back out of stroage ive wanted to start printing some stuff again.

    my problem is that the extruder when either auto leveling or printing goes about a centimetre above the bed, i could manually move it to level it off the bed, disabling the steppers, however when i would go to print it would again move around and begin printing above the bed, everything else about the printer works fine apart from that. Has anyone else had this problem, if so is there anyway to rectify it, any suggestions on what i should do?

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    check your z-axis endstop hasn't moved.

    Ah, what you have there is a rebadged, wanhao i3 creator plus.
    Look for the same issue with them and hopefully you should find a lot more info :-)

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