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    Confused and looking for guidance

    Another hobby of mine seems to be jumping into 3d printing as a solution to create pieces/parts etc. I have always been intrigued by 3d printing but now I have a valid reason to jump in. So the last week I have spent an obnoxious amount of time researching and I think I've narrowed my choices down, but the more digging I do the more uncertainty I come across.

    I would like something that has a large print volume, I'd like to be able to print parts that are eseentially rectangles up to 13.5" x 9" x 0.5"
    I would like the flexibility to print in PLA and ABS. Nylon, and flexible would be a bonus
    I would prefer something I didn't have to spend another 200-300 on to get it right
    I like the thought of the Ultrabase type beds
    Decent print quality
    600-700ish at the top end for budget

    So far I've been looking at the following.

    Anycubic Chiron I know the early ones had issues, I do hear good things about revised units, Ultrabase and dual rails supporting the bed
    Crealty CR-10 Pro Reviews I have found indicate this is a solid printer with versatility after printing off a few mods
    Creality CR-X Similar to the CR-10 Pro ? has Ultrabase type bed but lacks the double gear extruder, adds Dual
    Crealty CR-10S 4/5 absolutely covers size requirements but not sure they are on par with newer models without extensive investments

    I'd appreciate any feedback and help provided.

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    well both are i3's that use a bowden extruder. So I wouldn't touch either and you will struggle with flexibles.
    And with the extruder being mounted on the side, it's a longer bowden tube than most decent deltas use.
    You've got a nice solid crossbar, why not just use a direct drive setup ?

    Of the two the cr10 pro looks like the better implementation of the same thing.

    But there should be something better around in that price range.

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    i recommend the artillery sidewinder x1 new manufacturer but expanding fast high quality
    check out this review of the artillery sidewinder

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