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    Not printing well

    I had done about 60 prints so far, all very small things like keychains, but they turned out ok. When I print larger more detailed items it is a mess and I really don't know why. However, recently I can't even print a keychain without the first layer completely messing up and throwing off the whole print. What do you suggest is best? Do I increase first layer bed temp, use glue, or use hairspray.

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    You'll have to be more specific about the type of failure. Photos are very valuable when it comes to diagnosing model print problems.

    Larger items may require a higher nozzle temperature, not necessarily a hotter bed. More detailed items may require a slower print speed and/or higher part cooling fan settings.

    No suggestions will be of value until you provide more specific details regarding the failure.

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    I have attached a photo to kind of get an idea what I am getting. This is just a simple Ironman key chain attempt. I just now increased my initial layer bed temp to 85c and the remaining 65c, but it still messed up slightly. Its an improvement from this photo, but not quality. I am using Hatchbox PLA filament.
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    see my previous posts.
    And read the build plate it self.

    Is there any point answering if you just ignore it ?

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