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    Question Repairing a Replicator 2 LCD/Switch/SD PCB?

    Was setting up our Replicator 2 for a class of 40 middle school kids starting Monday when "poof!" heard a familiar noise and smelled the "magic smoke". When you let that out, your electronic gizmo doesn't work any more.
    Upon further investigation, found that IC U5 on the control PCB (with the LCD, switch assembly and SD reader) had self-destructed. Actually have access to a lab and can do a hot air rework of the PCB to replace the chip, IF I knew what it was. Anybody able to let me know what the IC number is or share a schematic. It's in the white-bordered square marked "Button PCB", but is clearly part of the SD card reader circuit. (Yes, I know, this information may be "proprietary", but maybe the IC is also used in an earlier open-sourced design. You can send me a private message).
    And, can I get a replacement PCB (at least for less than the $80 or so for the complete "Interface assembly" with case, LCD, etc.)
    Hoping to keep 40 kids busy during a spring break camp....
    PS: Yes, you CAN insert the power adapter plug into the DIN socket in the wrong rotation, at least far enough to make some contact, in spite of the key 😱

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    LOL... yea, that looks bad. You could consider taking up a collection for the $80 That is my normal route... replace and then repair. Provides future spares I will never need.

    In this case, this is the microprocessor. It is providing the 3.3V to the metal canned module and manages the clock and at least one digital IO. Problem here will be that the processor needs a specific code uploaded to it. Simply replacing it will likely be unsuccessful.

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