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    Looking At Printing A House With Cement

    Hello Everyone,

    I am new to this forum but I am keenly interested in printing buildings with 3D technology. This is why I have registered on this forum.

    I am not sure where to begin but what I had in mind was getting so 3D printer files and concrete mix and seeing what I can do! Budget is minimal.

    I am living in Canada and wish to get started immediately.

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    Budget Being minimal you say.

    The cheapest is $250,000 an up up up....

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    You could probably build something using a really strong pump and some really thick cement mix, but it might be more practical to buy something already available

    Good luck!

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    For such printing, they use materials that have already been tested by time and have proven resistance in all weather conditions-cement M 500. Moreover, this material is not expensive and can be purchased in any city in the world.First, prepare the solution. Its composition does not differ from those that the ancestors used during construction. It contains cement, fiberglass, sometimes expanded clay, and other materials that can be added.Then, this solution is squeezed out with special nozzles on the printer and applied layer after layer. Thus, the walls of a small house can be raised in just a few hours. At the end of the printing, the house will become an exhibition object. Then, it remains only to install new contemporary and modern house sign.
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    yeah not really something you can turn into a diy project.
    You need the correct cement, a hi-spec pumping system, a large robotic gantry.
    Cheap is not the word i would use.

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    A serious amount of money is needed for such a project. If you do not have them, then it is better not to look for some cheap analogs - they will not be as effective as the equipment and materials you need.

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    Make sure you add some steel reinforcing mesh Brisbane to strengthen the home.

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