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    Question Help with printer settings

    Hello,I can been attempting to print the same file for some time now, and every time it fails. The printer glitched on the first attempt and started printing on air, and two more attempts ending in melted sections. I am printing on a Fabricator printer with a file created in Onshape. I have attached images of the design. Dimensions are 6.5 in by 4.5 in. I am using KISSlicer, and I did get a blue error or two (see screenshots). What might be the issue? What settings would you recommend? Please ask if you need more info to help me...Thanks
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    It is saying some small segment of your file has bad data. I would suggest downloading Cura just to see if it also sees the error. Shapeways should be notified if it fails in Cura too. You can also tweak the model a bit in the free editor MeshMixer. A product from the people who brought you Autocad.

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