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    Complete novice needs help with gcode file

    A friend of mine was given a .gcode file be a maker for a triangular gauge. I know next to nothing about creating objects to print or the files associated with them, but after a couple hours of research, it appears that .gcode files are not the print file I would need, but a config file used by the printer. That said, I did load the file into a gcode viewer and it does show the object. At this point, I just want to convert or recreate this file into an .stl so I can get it printed. Could any one assist with info, advice, or even taking on the project?

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    I would attach the file, but apparently I need three posts before I can add attachments or post links

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    STL files are very dumb. They require significant work to back annotate it to the point of having an intelligent STP file.

    What is in the gcode, maybe, is a printer config information that generated the STL file. You can print the file but you may need to splice it into a known profile that your firmware will accept.

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