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    For first 3d printer

    Which FDM 3D printer do you think are the best for a beginner? Why?

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    Price range??
    Google "Best 3d printers 2017" then "Best 3d Printers 2018" and "Best 3d Printers 2019"
    Find one in your price range that is highly rated all 3 years
    Why, because you have a lot to lean and using hardware that is not reliable or accurate will cause more trouble than you need.
    Once you provide a price range someone will list several printers for you, but you would be doing your self more good to read the reviews and decide which features are available and which would be important to you.
    Good luck

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    Personally, I went with something that everyone hated... the Cube 3rd generation printer from 3D Systems.
    The reason it is a hated platform is the closed architecture. You cannot use Cura or Simplify3D to slice files. It used its own proprietary slicer. And that is what people hate about these types of systems, although they keep cropping up.

    Today, after 2 years of diligent work, we've cracked the cover of the closed system, but most people do not have the patience for. I for one feel rewarded as the advancements in the user community has unlocked a lot of possibilities with this printer. What is unique about this line of printers is the a two-decade long development and implementation based on the very same code that 3D Systems, rather Cubify started working with back in 2000. So the accumulated experience really does shine through in the software and the ease of use. Not only that, but backers like Microsoft and CocaCola (Ekocycle printer) forced a few bad habits to be set straight in the implementation. Cubify took all the knowledge from the past endeavors and rolled it up into what became known as Cube3. Now that I am working with their flagship product, CubePro, I can see the sins, and the redemption in these little 6x6x6 inch capable dual extruder 3D printers.

    Cube3 went on clearance after Cubify basically gave up on it. They made a few boners in the design and really made a few people mad due to the original MSRP and cost of ownership. The effort never took off like they promised some 5 years ago. Just last year, they closed up shop and now even CubePro printers are starting to show up in clearance. Problem with them is that they weight 130 pounds to ship! That means freight. Big burden for a personal 3D printer. And I can honestly say now, the Cube3 is still a much better deal that can be carried with all its supplies in a box with a handle. I would ever have paid $999/MSRP... but these can be had for about $200. And if you know where to look, you will see things have improved a lot in the respect that we pried open the system. And we includes come very savvy developers from all over to focus on what would make this machine more tolerable.

    This is not a spam for Cubify or 3D Systems... or even the Cube3. Without the resources, these are not the go-to printers. But they are a beginners dream... and/or nightmare. I found it to be my launch into the world of 3D printing, and I wouldn't have done it any other way knowing what I know now. But this is a case for open source v. proprietary systems. Closed systems are very difficult to bypass. I can tell you for a fact that it require 1 year to come to some level of openness with help from people around the globe. The reduced clearance price and the very cuteness of the printer really had a lot of people making effort including myself. So if you do go for any canned printer, know what you are in for. typically, you become the captive market and like regular printers... the printe ris cheap but over time, you spend much more than you expect. This is COO... cost of ownership. If the Cube3 stayed lock solid, I would not have gone more than 6 months... with advancements by the user community, I have 5 of these and they print every day! ...way beyond their expected performance levels. Do you think you can pick a winner in the field that will do this over time?

    It is therefore that I close with expressing that open systems are for the bold and brave. You will be setting up recipes; you will be having failed prints... and you will have sleepless nights. But you will enjoy a lot greater freedom for the effort. Which printers are the most popular open source printers? I hear CR10/PRUSA/Ender... but don't overlook the little junket offerings for under $150 just to know if 3D printing is for you. it all depends on the level of risk you are willing to take.

    Hope this helps.

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    Best begineer FDM printer is a Stratasys desktop printer

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    MakerBot Replicator+ The best all-round 3D printer

    Print technology: Fused Deposition Modeling | Camera resolution: 640 x 480 | Minimum layer resolution: 100 microns | Maximum layer resolution: 400 microns | Dimensions: 528 x 441 x 410 mm | Weight: 22.8kg

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    the original makerbot replicator and the current batch of replicator clones - are great machines.
    What makerbot are currently making are ridiculously expensive and not that reliable.

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    When selecting a 3D printer one should consider a host of factors before going out to purchase the first shiny new printer that they see. Factors to consider when purchasing a 3D printer should be the price, what the device will be used for, the type of materials you want to print, the size you would like to print, and of course your own knowledge of 3D printing.

    You cannot go wrong with Josef Prusa. Based in the Czech Republic his printers have been the go-to printers for both beginners and veterans in the game. One of the latest iterations of the MK line, the Prusa i3 MK3 is no exception.
    This FDM printer is both reliable, durable, and built with impeccable quality for its price. With its 250 x 210 x 210 you won’t be getting the largest prints but you are sure to get some the highest quality at this price point. Pair that with its open source philosophy and large community, the Prusa i3 MK3 is a great starting place for those looking for an intro into printing.

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    I would say if you are on the budget go for Prusa ones... Dont buy those 150-200 eur printers if you dont want to spent a lot of time tweaking it.

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