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    Tip for magigoo users

    Don't Squeeze too hard !

    Tried it last night, in an attempt to find something petg will stick to reliably.
    Now the thing is that magigoo is REALLY thick. It's not misnamed - it's proper, gelatinous goo !

    And when you take the lid off the tube and give it a squeeze - the little spreading sponge - stays dry.
    So you squeeze it a bit harder.
    Nothing happens.
    So you up the squeeze..

    Eventually the entire top of the tube blasts off and you get covered in thick gloop !
    However, it's that thick that if you turn the tube the right way up fast enough, about 3/4 remains in the tube.
    The rest is all over your jeans, floor and hands :-)

    On top of that, turns out pet-g doesn't stick to it anyway.

    So don't squeeze hard, have patience and eventually it will trickle into the sponge :-)

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    I have never had an issue with petg sticking to anything.. the problem is removing it after.

    Sticks to glass (bed temp 80C) so tight it popped chunk out of the borosilicate glass

    Polymide tape (80C); sticks so tight lifts the tape.

    Polymide Tape with 2 coats of Elmers glue; Works well and and will release, if not running under water will dissolve the glue

    Glass with Elmers glue stick works well and will release ..

    I think having the proper starting height for the layer height and a 80 bed is the biggest requirement for PETG to stick well.. a coating of PVA is needed to get it off!

    When releasing a PETG part from a Glue stick treated glasss plate I have to tap the sides with a large cake icing spatula to get it to break free.

    PS, any idea why editing a post totally screws up the line spacing removing spaces after periods..
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    never had that problem with editing.

    80c I will try :-)
    Thanks !

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