Hi all.

New to 3D printing and while I have watched countless videos on the tubes of you, I'm struggling with getting my Creality Ender 3 dialed in.

Mods that are more than just cosmetic are:
Petsfang hot end fan guard using stock fans.
Relocated spool holder to left side of printer.
Metal extruder/feeder upgrade.
Upgraded PTFE fittings for hot end and extruder.
Using damper feet as per this thingiverse item 2913473

Filament is PLA off ebay - item number: 223127140285

Using Cura 4.0.0
Printing at 205C with 60C bed temp
Print speed 50mm/s
Cooling YES
No supports
100% infill
0.12mm Layer height
Retraction distance 10mm
Retraction speed 25mm/s
Z-Hop when tracked YES

Below are some images of the results of the failed prints. I stopped the print before the overhang had really begun as I?d like to tackle the immediate issues first.
The skirt appears to be missing bits, and the layers appear too far apart?
The bridging is good however there is a lot of stringing.
The front where there is writing you can see the bottom appears to be separated from the top?
I also noticed when it was printing there were some ?blobs? while it was printing that the nozzle would hit/smash into while it was doing the next layer.
The fine detail does not come through ? the thin lines to the left of the print are all smudged and the numbers are hardly readable.

If anyone can suggest what I might be doing wrong?


Thanks in advance! Let me know if you need more details.