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    Extruder went from screaming during extruding / retracting to dead

    Recently I noticed a high pitched whine coming from my extruder gear when the printer was running. I asked family and friends who work with machines and they said it seems like a tension / lubrication issue, the machine straining to move. We gave it a few light spritzes of WD40 (With the printer off) and gave it some time to settle properly, but now the extruder refuses to move at all when I try to move it through the move axis command. Did the WD possibly harden and lock the gear up, short out the motor, or is it weirdly well timed that it somehow broke before the WD ever touched it?

    Printer is a Creality Ender 3 btw.

    Also having an issue where the second screw that feeds into the nozzle neither being removed or reinserting. Tried undoing it to get at a strand of filament that broke off and is stuck in the white tube that guides the plastic to the nozzle.


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    Heat up the hotend and as it is heating up, keep pulling on the PTFE tube with the fitting unscrewed as per your pic. The clog will come out.

    Not sure about your extruder. How old is the printer? Might be eligible for a return.

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    A few months, but I don't know if it is under warranty.

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    Did you buy it new? They have a 12 month warranty.

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    Yeah, off the Creality website.

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