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    Small High Detail Relatively quiet printer


    New to Forum but have been looking into 3d printing over the last year or so.

    I am looking to get my first 3d printer. Mostly I am looking to print miniatures, small terrain etc for warhammer, D&D etc.

    I don't have a great deal of room and it will be printing in the room I normally work in most days so needs to be fairly quiet if possible. I have around a $700 budget but that can stretch for the right printer.

    Any recommendations?



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    Hmm, well a monoprice select mini would be agood place to start.

    I'd suggest the monoprice mini delta with a 0.25 nozzle, but quiet it isn't :-)

    For models you might go the resin route.
    BUT !
    resin can be messy and smelly, and ideally you'd want a dedicate desk just for the printer to avoid potential spills getting on other stuff.

    As far as detail goes - any size printer with the right nozzle and setup will do detail. so it doesn't necessarily have to be tiny.

    I guess also worth a look are the smaller ready built machines.
    monopricew voxel is a nice little machine, enclosed too.
    nice bit of kit.
    and yes it is a flashforge adventurer with a monoprice badge :-)
    very useful as it means you can use the flashprint slicer. Along with simplify3d I'd say it's one of the best slicers out there. streets ahead of cura.

    Has 6 inch cube build volume - larger than you think.
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    For printing minatures you'll want a resin printer, which have gotten really cheap.

    To guard against spills just set the printer in a baking pan, and to deal with the smell vent it to an outside window.

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    many specific issues with resin machinjes, not least of which is the cost of the resins.
    Plus, you don't have to look far to see some amazing figures that have been printed on fdm machines. So resin isn't a neccessity.

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