well with luck I'll be getting a sovol direct drive i3 for reviewing soon. It has the central rail design - the only thing it shares with the ender 3 design, so I'll be able to do a direct compare and contrast.
There are an awful of printers around with the same bed design - it can't be as bad as I believe, we'll see :-)
My ctc is now work ready.
Couple of gcode tweaks still needed, but I've been printing at delta speeds with it. It's had about ?10 worth of mods (okay I might have cheated slightly - not everybody has access to free aluminium slabs ;-). All electronics, hardware etc is original. The tensionless/springless extruder is surprisingly good. Even that's original.
Going to be interesting comparing the world's cheapest i3 printer with a wooden frame against a midrange i3 with aluminium extrusion frame.